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Dear customers! The security of a transaction may be compromised due to circumstances independent of our service. To avoid this, we recommend that you read the following e-currency exchange rules:

  • Always require confirmation of the identity of the person to whose Bank details you are going to transfer money;
  • Be very careful when filling in the “account number” field of the offer recipient. If you make a mistake, you send your money to an unknown destination without being able to return it;
  • Never provide loans using “non-refundable” electronic payment systems. In this case, the risk of fraud is extremely high;
  • If you are asked to make a payment by a method other than the one specified in the instructions for using our service, You must refuse to make the payment and report the incident to our specialist. The same applies to payments for requests that are not created by you;
  • Withdraw funds that belong to third parties through their own Bank accounts. There are cases when conducting such a transaction for the Commission led to the fact that the account holder became an accomplice to a financial crime, without knowing the malice of fraudsters;
  • Always check the information that comes to your email.

Our services and similar services are not provided by loans, we do not charge people money in debt or at interest, and we do not accept donations. If you receive a suspicious message on our behalf with details similar to ours, please refrain from complying with these requirements and inform us in Support Service.

We care about your financial well-being.